Use ServiceTrack™ to improve your customers’ experience, while benchmarking against your competitors.

What is ServiceTrack™?

ServiceTrack™ is The Marketing Interchange's mystery shopping service, revealing both plus points of your services as well as any suboptimal areas that require improvements.

ServiceTrack™ provides you with the advantages of obtaining objective feedback for your products and services from a customer's point of view:

  • Monitored Service Performance: Ensure that your store or staff service levels are at acceptable standards.

  • Improved Customer Retention: Acting upon your customer's pain points will help retain customers and drive more traffic.

  • Identified Training Needs: Ensuring your staff are well equipped with the knowledge to handle or upsell customers.

  • Monitored Store Conditions Show customers that you care about them by ensuring your stores are in optimal state.

Our experienced team of mystery shoppers assess every customer touchpoint, whether you are a retailer or service provider.

Mystery shopping is one of the most cost-effective research methods that can bring quick & practical improvements to the customer experience. We have helped our clients benchmark competitors and best practices to improve customer satisfaction and sales conversion rates.


We offer insights into customer experiences in your stores.

  • Stay informed that your products or services are delivered at optimal quality.
  • Benchmark your services against known competitors to stay ahead of the crowd.
  • Avoid missed sales opportunities by ensuring any promotional displays or upsell opportunities are clear.
  • Identify any gaps in employee integrity and knowledge for future training.


ServiceTrack™ is created specifically for retailers and service providers.

Our mystery shopping service has helped retailers and service providers exceed their customer expectations. We help you obtain information about your customer's perception towards the quality of your products, of your services, your stores and even your staff

[RETAILERS] - We assess the service in your online and physical stores, as well as, the entire omni-channel journey to help you identify gaps in user experience and order fulfilment. Detailed, question-by-question analysis ensures that you get actionable recommendations.

[SERVICE PROVIDERS] - Mystery shopping is well-suited to all service industries by testing the customer experience online, over the phone, or at physical locations. Our mystery shoppers assess any key metrics, including response times, cross-selling or upselling, customer satisfaction, and Net Promoter Score (NPS).