Serving the retail industry and beyond.

Our Industry Solutions

At The Marketing Interchange, we understand that there is no universal solution to any one company's problems. We have learned by experience that every retailer has their own objectives to achieve and challenges to overcome. Hence, we work very closely with our clients from a variety of industries to fulfil their needs.

  • Retailers

    For retailers, our expertise in collecting and monitoring competitive price and asortment data from competitor outlets has allowed us to consistently provide clients with actionable and insightful reports.

    This allows our clients to position themselves competitively in the market for pricing their products and services as well as filling in gaps in their product offerings. You can be confident that we will deliver 100% on our promises because you’re backed by our service warranty.

  • Other Industries

    While our services are directly applicable to all retailers, we believe that other industry players such as brands and manufacturers, institutional services, and government agencies can greatly benefit from our services.

    Our experience in market research easily allows us to carry out services related to Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) enforcement, planogram compliances, Point-Of-Sale (POS) displays as well as any form of custom market research.

Featured Industries

We mostly serve the retail industry, but our product suite caters to a diverse base of clients & industries:
Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
Computers & Electronics
Health & Beauty
Convenience Stores
Home Improvement & DIY
Sporting Goods & Apparel
Brands & Manufacturers
Food & Beverage Outlets
Banks & Financial Services