Use RetailTrack to monitor your in-store operations, merchandising & branding standards and brand performance.

What is RetailTrack™?

RetailTrack™ is the Marketing Interchange’s store and planogram compliance audit service. We equip our CPG and retailer clients with actionable insights to help improve in-store retail execution in order to drive sales.

RetailTrack™ allows you to check on pertinent sales drivers for your products and services:

  • Availability: Ensure that your products are available on-shelf for customers to easily purchase

  • Visibility: Correct implementation of planograms enhances appeal and ease of purchase for consumers

  • Share-of-Shelf: Higher visibility of your product increases the likelihood of consumers purchasing the item

  • In-Store Displays: Consumers are more likely to pick up your product with the relevant point of sale material and appealing displays in place

  • Promotional Activities: In-store promotions help uplift sales – ensure sufficient stock and point of sale material are available

Using technology to capture, analyse, and report on these sales drivers at the SKU-level, we help our clients drive sales at the selling floor thus improve competitiveness and gross profit.

We Deliver Sales-Driven Actionable Insights To Ensure That Your Products are In-Stock, On-Shelf & In the Right Place.

The Marketing Interchange helps clients improve their in-store retail execution by using comprehensive audits of product availability & placement, promotional displays and point of sale material as well as merchandising standards & store atmospherics. Our mobile app and dashboard delivers reports and a checklist of actionable items in real-time.


We offer objective and independent insights regarding your store operations.

  • Quickly identify and be able to tackle low-stock, out-of-stock and incorrect placement situations to minimise lost sales.
  • Product displays comply with approved planogram to optimise sales.
  • Ensure that shelf space allocation is in line with pre-established agreements.
  • Identify and remedy branding & maintenance compliance issues to provide the right environment and ambience for customers.
  • Avoid missed sales opportunities by ensuring promotion displays & material are correctly set up and in the right location.


RetailTrack™ is store audits customised for your specific business & industry.

We service companies from three broad industries: Retail, Manufacturing, and Services, offering our insights from store audit data. Additionally, our product portfolio allows you to combine data from pricing, assortment and internal operations for a complete view of your business operations.

[RETAILERS] - Our comprehensive store audits help retail clients maintain & control store operations, and standardise the customer experience. Through store audits, The Marketing Interchange has helped clients improve in stockouts, store efficiency, compliance to planograms, standard operating procedures, store atmospherics and health & safety standards.

[BRAND & MANUFACTURERS] - For manufacturers, store auditors serve as your eyes & ears in retail stores, ensuring that your brand remains well-represented. The Marketing Interchange can assist with on-shelf availability, stock count, share-of-shelf, promotional & secondary display as well as point-of-sale material audits.

[SERVICE PROVIDERS] - Service providers face the greatest pressures to meet ever-changing customer expectations. Through store audits, The Marketing Interchange has helped service providers monitor in-store branding & point-of-sale-material and store atmospherics compliance.