Use InsightTrack™ to answer specific marketing research questions about your brand or customers

What is InsightTrack™?

InsightTrack™ is The Marketing Interchange's custom market research service. We help you understand your customers and the potential of your brand. We conduct brand research as well as customer research that is customised to your needs, delivering meaningful insights that you will be able to act upon.

InsightTrack™ addresses the key challenges of obtaining key insights about your brand and customers:

  • Reach: Our network of fieldworkers internationally allows us to target your desired groups of customers.

  • Completeness: We ensure that our team delivers on all information that you require.

  • Speed: Our experience in this area allows us to promptly respond to client's needs and changes in the market.

  • Scope: Our wide scope of data collection allows us to provide you with the big picture of your business.

Understanding your customers and the potential of your brand is the smartest investment you can make.

The Marketing Interchange help our clients better understand the eco-system, in which their customers and brand resides. Our marketing research team employs a variety of methods to solve problems and identify opportunities.


The brand is a company’s most valuable asset and as it evolves, it’s important to continually monitor shifts in uniqueness, perception, and credibility.

The Marketing Interchange has helped clients with studies in brand awareness, brand tracking, brand positioning, and brand equity.


Customers have different reasons for choosing or not choosing your brand; and it’s important to understand those connections.

The Marketing Interchange has helped clients with studies in customer segmentation, customer journey, user experience, and customer satisfaction & NPS.


Our efficient price checking team is sent to designated locations to uncover blind spots in pricing for retailers, manufacturers and service providers.

  • Quickly identify pricing trends for product/services in competitors' brick and mortar stores.
  • Be the first to find out in-store promotion strategies employed by competitors.
  • Take advantage of Out Of Stock (OOS) situations for popular product lines to improve sales.
  • Strategically position your company as the affordable and value-for-money choice.

Capture the latest in-store prices at offline retailers

❯❯ Some features of using in-store price monitoring:

Client gives us a list of selected SKUs, competitors, and locations — We can check up to 3000 SKUs a day!

Your list is uploaded to our mobile app and jobs are assigned to our team of experienced price checkers.

Every data point is quality checked to ensure products are matched correctly — You can even view the live photos!

Competitors’ prices are reported real-time on an easy-to-use dashboard, highlighting gaps, exceptions, and action points.


Our dedicated team creates unique models for each competitor site to scrape, giving you a more complete price monitoring solution.

  • Find discrepancies between online and in-store product prices to tap into new opportunities.
  • Identify online promotions to further optimise your promotional strategies.
  • Easily analyse online pricing strategy adopted by competitors to identify trends and countermeasures.
  • Swiftly employ advertising strategies against competitors online Out Of Stock (OOS) situations.

Monitor Prices Of Online Retailers And Track Changes 24/7.

❯❯ Some features of using online price monitoring:

With a list of competitor websites and SKUs, we match all available data points to produce a complete price report.

We scan competitor websites daily and capture any price changes to add in your SKU-level reports.

Competitors websites are also scanned for product availability, new product listings, and latest promotions.

You can customise the type of information we obtain to ensure that you have a complete set of product data.


InsightTrack™ iis marketing research customised for your specific business & industry.

Our clients come from three broad industries: Retail, Manufacturing, and Services.

[RETAILERS] - Marketing research complements our other services custom-built for retailers. Good research can produce insights to improve branding, advertising, footfall, merchandising, and operations. The Marketing Interchange has helped retail clients with studies in store image, store intercepts, shopper journeys, customer segmentation, and ad testing.

[BRAND & MANUFACTURERS] - Brands & manufacturers rely on marketing research to keep the pulse of their consumers in a fast-changing marketplace. The Marketing Interchange can assist manufacturing clients with studies in customer segmentation, product concept testing, purchase decision process, and usage & attitude research.

[SERVICE PROVIDERS] - Service providers face the greatest pressures to meet ever-changing customer expectations. The Marketing Interchange has helped service providers with studies in customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer segmentation, product concept testing, purchase decision process, and usage & attitude research.